Like Banking on Love at First Sight

There are many poor strategies to finding love.

One of the worst might be banking on love at first sight.

It sounds so perfect: your eyes meeting across the room, you cautiously approach the other person, by the time you’ve introduced yourself it feels like you’ve known them forever…

Why settle for anything less, right?

You can’t argue against that by saying it’s impossible. It happens all the time!

But just because it’s possible, that doesn’t make it the best strategy.

Which brings me to one of my favourite expressions:

As it is with love, so it is with business.

Will people buy from you the moment they discover you?

They might… but it’s not smart to rely on that.

It’s better to play the odds and go for the winning strategy of regular contact over time.

Most of your friends and lovers didn’t start that way. It took time to build the relationship, to explore your common ground and to cultivate trust.

That’s what makes email marketing so powerful.

Someone flitters across your website once and they’re probably not ready to buy. But they might be ready to sign up to your list – especially if you offer them something worthwhile.

Then they read your emails.

Over time, the relationship grows.

Until they’re ready to take it to the next level.

You might think social media is where it’s at. But social media isn’t intimate – they’re like a fully booked convention hall, with everyone talking over each other.

How can you build the relationship if finicky algorithms bury your messages?

With email, the only algorithm to worry about is the spam filter – and fair enough, too.

If you’re savvy enough to avoid mentioning anything that sounds like a scam, your emails will arrive. And if the occasional one goes missing anyway, that’s not a big deal – especially when you email frequently.

But will your audience read them?

That depends on a lot of things, much of which you can’t control.

What you can control are how enticing the subject is and how worth reading the words are.

It’s not enough to trick people into opening, just like you can’t trick someone into loving you. Simply using a trick shows you’re unworthy of it.

It’s about giving them what they want (or even need) to read.

Do that and your business becomes so much more fulfilling, simple and powerful.