Social Media Tips to Get Started

Social media is an important, but time-consuming, reality for any venture. This will increase your Google search rankings, give your brand a human voice, and allow clients to easily connect with you. You just need to get started.

Choose the Audience That You Want to Reach

You are short on time and have very limited content. This is a brief, non-scientific breakdown of who uses what network.

  • Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube are popular among young people.
  • Soon-to-be marrieds and moms love Instagram and Pinterest.
  • Facebook can be used to find families and Baby Boomers.
  • LinkedIn is ruled by business leaders.
  • Twitter is a favorite platform for bloggers and influencers.

The Right Mix of Content Should Be Shared

You need to have a mix of posts on every social network. These should self-promote and entertain your followers. Self-promotion can include direct links to your site, peeks into company life behind closed doors, testimonials from clients, and news about the brand.


If your followers comment on your posts and engage with you, please acknowledge them by at least a “like”. If you are willing to reply, it can help your followers feel more connected to your brand. This makes your company more approachable and human to the outside world.

You may encounter negative reviews and comments at times. Instead of avoiding them, respond back and make it easier for them. This can make unhappy customers a loyal customer.

Send the Links to Your Social Media Platforms

Your business won’t benefit if others can’t find and connect with you. You can search Google for social network icons free of charge, purchase stock photos, or download official brand assets from Facebook or Twitter.

Get the Kool-Aid

Each industry has its own online presence. Trending hashtags are constantly being used, and memes can be created. You have to do your research on these topics so that you can be a part of your community. You will gain more followers and make valuable connections.

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