Not Your Average Survey

I just recently became unemployed and like most people I have been searching for a way to earn an income online. The quickest way I have found to earn a few dollars is taking surveys. There are several sites you can sign up with. These can be long and tedious but they pay. I enjoy my membership with Fusion Cash. I just requested my first payout. This site offers other options to earn a few coins. Get paid to listen to the radio. This is one of my favorites. I am a Quilter and while I am sewing I have the music in the background. Click on a few sites, print out grocery coupons, which is always nice. Take a few surveys and the cent’s turns into dollars. You also receive a $5 sign up bonus.

If you like to shop on the internet. MyPoints is a great site. You get discounts on a huge selection of popular participating stores. Take surveys and earn points to exchange for gift cards from Amazon, American Eagle, Barnes & Noble, CVS and many more.

Earn cash on iPoll Surveys are tailored to fit you with the information you provide. There have been several times I have spent 10 or more minutes answering questions only to be disqualified. One perk of iPoll, when you hit $10, you can request payment. Some sites require a cash out amount of at least $25. Plus, iPoll offers a $5 sign up bonus. gives you a variety of things to do to earn points to cash in and earn cash. Watch funny videos, take a survey, do a search and do a few tasks to earn points.

Surveys are great for the stay at home moms, the unemployed and persons that are home bound or just to do in your free time. As a bonus to taking these surveys, I have began to notice things I didn’t in the past. As I walk through the grocery store, I notice the different brands. When I watch TV, I notice the different brands in commercials. In general, taking surveys has opened my eyes to a whole new world. It has improved my overall knowledge of the world around me. I have suggested 4 sites I like to visit and I hope you take a minute to visit them and see if it would be a good fit for you.