How to Write the Perfect Google Ad Campaign Copy

A Google ad campaign can significantly boost a business’ online presence. However, simply starting one won’t guarantee you the results that you want. It would take a lot of effort and deliberation to succeed with Google ad campaigns. One of them is writing the perfect ad copy.

Here are some tips on how you can convince your audience to click your ad through the power of words.

Set Your Goals

Without a clear idea of what your goal is, it would be difficult for you to write an ad copy. Do you want to generate more leads? Do you want to boost brand awareness? Once you have set a goal for that ad, you can write towards achieving it more efficiently. With this, your ad will be more specific and won’t come out as too general or vague.

Know Your Audience

When you write your ad copy, remember that you are going to be talking to people. With this in mind, you need to know how to attract by targeting their interests, or even emotions. Knowing your audience will allow you to phrase your keywords to match theirs, adjust your content to what they may like, and remove details they don’t care about. Once you know your specific audience, it will be easy for you to write a copy that will surely encourage them to click.

How exactly can you do that? By interacting with your customers, of course! Not only will you build trust among them, but you can also inform to help with your Google ad campaign.

Use the “you” Pronoun

Keep a “you” attitude in your ads’ tone. The customers like to feel that it is all about them. Your ad copy should been written in such a way that it would convey how it would benefit them instead of your business. Whenever you want to use the words “we”, “I”, or “our business”, use “you” instead.

Use Symbols to Get Attention

Symbols tend to attract attention to your ad, and entice the prospect customer to actually read the copy or even click the ad. Let’s take for example an ad about a product discount, instead of writing “twenty percent off”, you can say “20% OFF”. Which one would you click? The second one, right?

Outsmart Your Competitors’ Ads

The world of business is full of competition, and this of course includes your Google AdWords copy. You need to research your competition. Learn from their strategy, especially if they are performing better than you. Through this, you can know how to compete with them. Keeping to yourself is a really bad mistake since you won’t be aware of what everyone else is doing such as an ongoing trend, for example.

Creatively Optimize for Mobile Platforms

Never underestimate the mobile platform. These days, almost everyone has a mobile phone and more people are constantly on their screens since they can be on the internet anywhere. A lot of searches are being conducted every day on mobile, and you would be missing a lot of potential clicks if you don’t optimize your ads for mobile.

Simply follow these tips and you can write an effective Google ad campaign copy. Results may vary for different audiences, so just experiment with various methods and see which one works best.