Mobile Video Ad Platform – Rolls Out Better Opportunities to Media & Advertising

There was a time when mobile ad was an add-on luxury to desktop and other traditional forms of advertising. But this is no longer the case. Now in 2018, it has become a necessity of today’s advertisers to reach out their global customers. This rapid mobile-usage development is due to the arrival of smartphones in the industry. The Smartphone users are increasing day-by-day. As per the recent report held by eMarketer, it has been estimated that, by the end of 2022, the figure of smartphone users will be reached by 2.3 billion.

Read through the list below to know why, Mobile Video ads roll out better opportunities to media and marketers/advertisers around the world-

Mobile Video Advertising- Marketers & Consumers’ Preferred Choice of Platform

With the speedy growth in video consumption, makes it pretty clear that consumers’ viewing habits are rapidly changing and their love for video is much more than text reading. According to IAB report, approx. 52% of people prefer smartphones for their various tasks over the desktop or traditional medium of communication. Marketers are rapidly enjoying this bang-on opportunity of rich media mobile ads to grab more eyeballs, towards their brand and product promotion.

Improved Customer Engagement

According to Diode Digital, online video advertising is a 600% more effective marketing tool than any other traditional means of communication. An engaging video is all about; how well you can hold on your audience’s attention and lead them to the next level of conversation. For example:

“Leave a comment below”

“Share this video”

“Subscribe now”

Personalized & Customized Videos are more impactful

Personalization leads to popularization! Customers feel special and privileged when interpersonal communication is established. There are lots of mobile video customer engagement platforms available in this media and marketing industry that helps in sending personalized and customized mobile videos directly into the phone’s inbox.

They are innovative mediums of communication that greets, engages, and delights customers while keeping customers retained and loyal.

Impressively, Such kinds of advertising platforms equipped with a unique feature called “no-app & no-data” that does not cost anything to the customers and can be viewed anytime/anywhere without using any app or internet. While saving huge cost to the advertisers it also helps, evaluate their ad performances via the real-time tracker. This system of video messaging helps in increasing brand awareness, enhancing better response rate and earning better profit margin.

Feedback option to improve and grow better

Feedback is a great way to improve! As marketers, you can stay on the top of your customer’s issue by responding to all their queries, as soon as possible. With the increasing online searches, brands are recommended to be easily available in the simplest, proficient and effective way possible.